We are an online academy specialized in teaching English, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese. We place great emphasis on conversation practice in aiming to replicate the way in which children learn their mother tongues. Depending on your needs, Lingua-Online will send you different types of materials as support and will respond to any grammar-related queries you may have, helping you to consolidate your learning.


Thanks to the latest technologies and via videoconferencing, students will receive their lessons with interactive and intuitive materials. Moreover, our qualified teachers will explain you in an enjoyable and practical way each lesson that will be completely personalized. All you need is an internet connection, a videoconferencing software (Skype, Google+ Hangout..etc) and willingness to learn.


1. Book your free trial lesson here

After asking for your trial lesson and letting us know your availability, a teacher will be assigned. Later, your teacher and you will decide when the class will take place.

2. Arrange a meeting with your teacher

If you tried your trial lesson and you want to continue, all your lessons will be arranged with your teacher in advance. You can modify and cancel them no later than 5 hours before your class.o.

3. Buy your classes

To buy your class, you only need to go to your teacher's profile, select the number of the classes you want and click on buy them. You will pay with card or Paypal. You can also pay them by transfer.

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