Spanish food is one of the most famous cultural aspects of the country, as it has an ample variety and diversity of dishes and ways of cooking. It is the result of the influence of different regions that have contrasting cultures and climates, and the different ethnic groups that form […]

Spanish food I: Origins, ingredients, and ways of cooking it

Una formación problemática El passé composé o pasado compuesto es una de las cuestiones más importantes de la gramática francesa, y una de las dudas más recurrentes que tienen los alumnos de francés a la hora de formar el passé composé es cómo elegir el auxiliar. ¿Être o avoir? La verdad es […]

Cómo formar el passé composé en francés

Each, Every and All Hoy vamos a ver la diferencia en el uso de estas dos partículas: “Each (of)” y “Every”. Nuestra intención es compararlos en la próxima entrada con una tercera partícula: “All”. “Each” se traduce normalmente como “cada” en español, pero puede hacer referencia a “todo”, mientras que […]

Diferencias entre each, every y all

  There can be no doubt that colloquialisms which make reference to animals in some shape or form are a feature of most human languages. The stories we are told by our parents as children have a significant role to play in terms of how we ascribe certain human attributes […]

Animal references in everyday English language usage – Part 2

Navidad Valencia
I am sure that you will have wondered how Spanish people celebrate the Christmas festivities, and as you may have guessed, they do it differently from the rest of Europe, as they do with almost everything!   24th December: Spanish Christmas food and celebrations It is mandatory for Spaniards to […]

Christmas in Spain, New Year celebrations and Spanish Christmas food