Spanish expressions with the words “leche” and “huevo”

The words leche (milk) and huevo (egg) are two famous terms used frequently in many Spanish colloquial expressions. The meanings are usually surprising and innumerable, and it is mandatory to know them if you want to understand your Spanish friends when they talk. Are you ready to discover some of them?

Expressions with the word "huevo"

Although the real meaning of the word huevo is egg, the interpretation of the expressions that use this word are not easy to guess. Here we have some: 

  • Costar un huevo ( to cost and egg): when somebody adopts this expression is telling us that something is very expensive, or that it requires a big effort to get it. 
  • ¡Y un huevo! (an egg!): the significance would be: no way!
  • Él/ella tiene un par de huevos (he/she has a couple of eggs): he/she is brave
  • Tiene huevos la cosa (this thing has eggs): something that makes us to surprise
  • Me importa un huevo (I don't care an egg): you would use this expression when something is not really important for you.
  • Poner los huevos sobre la mesa (to put the eggs on the table): to challenge somebody to do something
  • Poner todos los huevos en la misma cesta (to put all the eggs in the same basket): to diversify what your money in different stocks so you don't lose everything in case something happens.  There is an equivalent in English: don't put all your eggs in one basket
  • Me toca los huevos (it touches me the eggs): something bothers us.
  • Tocarse los huevos (to touch the eggs): to do nothing.
  • ¡Tócate los huevos! (touch you the eggs): it is an expression that denotes surprise. The equivalent in English could be omg!


Expressions with the word "leche"

Although the real meaning of the word leche is milk, the meaning of the expressions that contain the word is also almost impossible to guess.

  • Tener mala leche (to have bad milk)to have a bad or difficult character.
  • Ser la leche (to be the milk): somebody or someone is extraordinarily good or bad.
  • A toda leche (with all milk): if we use this expression with a movement verb, such as ir (go), irse (leave), it means very fast. However, if it is goes with the word música (music) and the verbs estar (to be) or sonar (to sound), the sense is that the music level is very high.
  • Darse una leche (to give a milk to yourself): to bump yourself with something.
  • Hacer algo a mala leche (to do something with bad milk): to do something badly on purpose.
  • Ca***se en la leche (to sh** on the milk): and expression used to express angry. We could use in English the expression holy sh**! to express the same
  • De la leche (of the milk): incredible, unbelievable

Spanish expressions with the word leche



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