1.What do I need for my Lingua-online classes?

  • An electronic device such as a laptop, computer or tablet connected to the internet.
  • Skype (You can download it safely from here or Google Hangout 

2. How long does one class take?

Our classes last 55 minutes if you don't specify otherwise. The reason is the teacher needs to have enough time to rest and be prepared for the following class, which may be just after yours. In case longer classes are preferred,  you should arrange them in advance with your teacher

3. What is your timetable?

Although our working hours are usually from Monday to Friday (8.00 am to 9:00 pm European central time), this ultimately depends on the teacher. However, we distinguish ourselves by our flexibility: we will always try to adjust to our students' preferences. Consider the fact that we may be limited by our time zone.

4. I think my level is too low for the class. Is it a problem?

If you speak English and you want to learn Spanish, French, Chinese or Italian from the beginning, there will be no problem. All our Spanish, French, Chinese and Italian teachers speak English and this is how they will communicate with you during the early steps of the language learning process.

5. Are the classes suited for children and teenagers?

Yes. In fact, we already had more than satisfactory experiences with children and teenagers. In case it is deemed necessary, we can always arrange a Skype or phone meeting with the child's tutor in order to clarify any doubt you may have, and have the opportunity to get to know each other.

6. What happens if I am late?

In case you are late, you will not be able to retrieve the minutes you lost and your class will be shorter. We can wait for you five minutes  at the most, so it is better to hurry up and be punctual.

7. What if I need to cancel the class?

You should let us know it at proper notice, at least five hours before your class, otherwise, the clase will be charged. In case you suffer an unexpected emergency just before the class, let us know and we will keep it into account. We expect to be trustworthy with each other.


8. What if the teacher does not show up?

In case we don't inform you in advance, you have the right to claim the full amount paid for the class, and we will apply a 50% discount for next one. If our teacher has a problem and could not show up, we will call a replacement so that you will still be able to have your class.

9. How can I pay the lessons?

You can pay at the payments page that you can find at the home page. There you can pay as many lessons as you need for one or two people. After selecting your option, click on “Añadir al carro”(add to cart), and you will move to a new page where you can specify the number of classes (For instance, you can select “1 class x 1p = 10,00 €) and then add “2” or “3” below the quantity (cantidad). You can also pay clicking on the bottom: "Access to the payment's page"

10. How much discount can I get for more than one student?

There is a discount of 2 euros per person and class if the class has two students, and 3 euros if the class has three.  For more than three students we can study a personalized special offer