We are an online academy specialized in teaching English, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese. We place great emphasis on conversation practice in aiming to replicate the way in which children learn their mother tongues. Depending on your needs, Lingua-Online will send you different types of materials as support and will respond to any grammar-related queries you may have, helping you to consolidate your learning.


Thanks to the latest technologies and via videoconferencing, students will receive their lessons with interactive and intuitive materials. Moreover, our qualified teachers will explain you in an enjoyable and practical way each lesson that will be completely personalized. All you need is an internet connection, a videoconferencing software (Skype, Google+ Hangout..etc) and willingness to learn.


The Lingua-online team is made up with qualified and experienced teachers. Currently, our people are from Spain, Italy and China. The team covers several disciplines related with teaching a language online, and it also has expertise in other sectors such as: philology, engineering, environment, marketing, chemistry and many more. For this reason, we can also offer more specific lessons based on a more technical language

Mónica: Spanish and English teacher


My name is Monica and I was born 28 years ago in Madrid, Spain. I speak both Spanish and English. I also must say that since I am from Spain, I have a quite neutral accent, which together with my patience and my passion make my lessons funnier and easier to follow. Moreover, I lived and worked in Ireland for two years, I have an advanced certificate in English by Cambridge University and many years of experience teaching English and Spanish. I look forward to helping you with my Spanish and English classes so you can improve your Spanish and English communication skills, and use them anywhere you may decide to go!



Victor: English and Spanish teacher


My name is Victor. I am 29 years old and I was born under the sun of the Gran Canaria Island, in the Canary Islands. I have lived in several places throughout my academic and working life, dealing with people with a diverse cultural background. Additionally, I had to use different languages to develop my professional activity.After experiencing it, I know better than anyone how important is to be fluent in a language in order to integrate yourself into the society that welcomes you, and also to be efficient when conveying your talking points at university or at work. All I can do is welcome you on board and wish you great success with our lessons!

Mari: French teacher


My name is Mari Carmen, I am a 25 years old girl and a French teacher with a BA in French Philology, a Master degree in Secondary Education and 7 years of experience. Furthermore, I lived in France (Lyon) for a while where I worked as a Spanish teacher. Regarding my hobbies, I love traveling and learning languages and I also have a so-called ¡Habla francés! blog to teach French to Spanish speakers. Nowadays, learning languages is essential to shine in this competitive world, so I invite you to relax and learn French with me. I hope that my experience and my enthusiasm will help you to improve your language skills, so you can order a crêpe in Paris in a perfect French during your next holidays!

Faro: Italian and English teacher


My name is Faro, like the Portuguese city. I was born in the beautiful Sicily and I'm your Italian teacher. I gathered some experience living abroad on language learning. I currently speak English, German and a little Spanish. I also own a TESOL certificate from Trinity College London to teach English. I lived in Dublin for 5 years, then in Düsseldorf and Berlin for a few months. So what moves me through the language teaching world is my belief in cross-culture: living abroad showed me how wonderful is being able to communicate with people of so many different countries, just to discover that as human beings we have so much in common. So, are you interested in learning Italian because you are in love with Italy, its food, its nature, it's culture or just because of how it sounds? Then, let's give it a try!

Yaoyao: Chinese teacher


My name is YAO YAO, I am 24 years and I was born in Sichuan, which is a region famous for having delicious spicy food, located in the southwest of China. After finishing my university studies in China, I decided to go to France where I had the chance to visit many countries in Europe and meeting many people from different origins. After that, I came to Spain, where I started working as a Chinese teacher in a primary school because I’m very patient and enthusiastic and I have always loved teaching my language. So if you are interested in the Chinese culture or you want to learn Chinese, I will be very happy to help you! Do not worry if you are a complete beginner as I am fluent in Spanish, English and French!